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Jolly Roger Pirates in Love Boat (Dinner and Open Bar)

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Little boy From 4 to 11 years

About the Tour

  • Aboard the famous Jolly Roger Pirate Ship, Enjoy an Epic Show, live the adventure with Black Jack and his Crew looking for the Golden Fleece treasure, and get ready to see the swords, daggers, whips, and many more weapons shine in acrobatic fights, hanging between ropes, cannon bombing and exploding fireworks and a celebration of the first night of the New Year in Cancun 2022 aboard the dreaded Captain’s Galleon.
  • Live the Experience accompanied by a Delicious Gourmet Dinner for all tastes; You will have the option to select one of the three dining options, and the Elegant Toast at midnight to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Cancun 2021 and receive 2022.
  • Delight your senses with a Deluxe Open Bar, the only bar with the best variety of Wines and Spirits accompanied by the Fine Cocktails of our mixology team.
  • New Year’s Eve Party in Cancun December 31, 2021 / First night of the New Year 2022 in Cancun, the entire magical experience aboard the Jolly Roger is suitable for families and couples; Enjoy an Incredible Show with our seal of Quality and Service that characterizes us as the #1 show in Cancun for 6 consecutive years.

It includes

  • PIRATE SHIP ride in Cancun.
  • Special New Year’s Eve Dinner 2021 in Cancun
    (*Chef’s Selection).
  • 5 Hours of OPEN BAR.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Activities, Dances, Live Show, and Pyrotechnics.
  • Special activities for children.
  • Bottle of sparkling WINE per couple.

Does not include

  • Dock Tax $13.00 USD or $310.00 MXN (All ages) per person.
  • Transportation to the Marina (If you want transportation, it has an additional cost of 12 USD from Cancun and 15 USD from Playa del Carmen, per person).
  • Tips.

General information

  • Full Payment is required to confirm your reservation for this event.
  • Once the payment has been made and your reservation confirmed, full or partial refunds do not apply.
  • The dock tax can be paid in USD or MXN in cash / credit or debit card at the time of registration at the Marina.
    Infants from 0 to 2 years old do not pay Dock Tax.
  • Show in Spanish and English.
  • Optional: Makeup: $10 USD / $220 MXN per person.
  • Optional: Photography: $30 USD with a wooden frame and/or $35 USD with a resin frame.
  • Boat for 250 passengers.


– SHRIMP VOL-AU-VENT starter, accompanied by a beetroot and orange salad with blue cheese and walnuts.
– Adult Menu (one dish): LOBSTER on a bed of citrus fruits / WELLINGTON FILLET accompanied by a creamy mushroom sauce / SEA AND LAND Lobster a la thermidor and Filet Mignon in a black pepper gravy sauce.
– Children’s Menu (one dish): New York Steak, Mac & Cheese, or Cordon Bleu.
Dessert: White chocolate cheesecake with mango.


Whiskey (Buchanan´s Deluxe, Johnnie Walker Black and Red Label, Crown Royal, Jack Daniels) / Vodka (Ciroc, Smirnoff X1, Gray Goose) / Tequila (Don Julio Reposado, and Blanco) / Rum (Zacapa Ambar 12, Capitan Morgan ) / Gin (Tanqueray London Dry, Beefeater, Tanqueray Sevilla, Oso Negro) / Mezcal (Unión Uno-Joven) / Liqueur (Baileys, Kahlua) / Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay) / Digestive (Vaccara) and Beers (XX lager, XX Dark).


07:00 pm Registration at the Marina.
08:00 pm Start of the Show at the Pier.
08:30 pm Sail of the Jolly Roger
08:40 pm Activities & Dances
08:50 pm Show run.
09:40 p.m. Dinner.
11:00 pm Return to 1st. party time cover
11:45 pm Toast and New Year’s celebration.
12:15 am Party time, versatile live music.
01:00 pm End of the Tour – Mooring at the pier.